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paper writers Hygiene procedures – 30 €
Foot care at home (1,5 h): 40 €
Manicure at home (1,5 h): 30 €
Hairdressing services: 25 – 40 €
Beautician services: 30 – 50 €
Light cleaning: 10 €/h – up to 80 m2
thorough cleaning (up to 5 h): 50 €
ironing of laundry (up to 2 h): 20 €
transportation for the disabled – price will be agreed
massage: 35 €/h
cooking: 10 €
pet walking and care: 10 €
*help with legal matters (bank, notary public, municipalities etc.) – 15 €
accompaniment and transportation for the hobby activities: transport cost + 10 €
counceling (discovering new hobbies, relationship difficulties, raskused suhetes lähedastega, computer
trainings etc.) – 20 €/h
legal counceling 40 €/h
Pastoral care – 30€/h

* depending from the additional costs, when transportation is needed, the service prices may vary and will be
agreed with parties additionally.
NB! The prices per working hours in holidays and night time will increase for 5 euros per hour. paper writer buy essay online cheap

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