Simply put they have the worst team name in the American

You can join PROS Investigations for a live paranormal investigation. The team takes folks through an old warehouse in Guthrie that dates back to the late 1800s. Members and guests have experienced activity in the building for more than three years.

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cheap nfl jerseys The Austrian overlords have been generous and have shown commitment to the team, but their largest flaw is their egregious promotion of the Red Bull brand which has probably driven away more new fans than they would care to admit. Simply put they have the worst team name in the American Sports landscape, and I personally have seen the Red Bull branding prevent new fandom from arising in my friends and family. People who are trying to follow a new team are not eager to root for a team named after an energy drink, and they sure as hell wont buy a jersey or a hat or a scarf and become a walking billboard for a product that they probably do not care to support.. cheap nfl jerseys

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